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Bruce Willis' Little girl Tallulah Displays Her 'Bite the dust Harder' Shirt In Her Isolate Selfie With Her Father....

Bruce Willis has been social separating alongside ex Demi Moore to invest energy with his two little girls Rumer and Tallulah. The gushing father has absolutely been making the most of his time with his young ladies as apparent in their online networking posts. The 65-year-old is by all accounts holding the most with his most youthful little girl Tallulah. Fourteen days back, the entertainer was seen giving her a buzzcut with a razor and now the dad girl is winning the web with another adorable selfie.

A couple of hours prior, Tallulah took to her Instagram handle and shared an isolate selfie presenting with her father Bruce Willis. The 26-year-old wore a cool shirt that read 'Pass on Harder', regarding her father's notable film, Extremist and the dad girl pair looks overly cheeky. "Father." she subtitled her image where father Bruce Willis is sitting close to her. While Tallulah is killing in her cool tee, Bruce Willis looks nothing not exactly a spruce, in a white shirt and dark top. #Coronavirus #COVID-19 #StaySafe #TShirt

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